. Now, we are going to challenge you into this subject:

.                               Do you believe in pastlife?

                             This is Leila and Dorota in the past:



And if you do not believe, here is a proof of kids who were born with certain tendencies

from their past life:  But my favourites r: Music & Math

But, unfortunately - some experiences were sooooo dramatic that their impact remained in the Subconsciousness and the effect of their influence was carried over to current life with:

unexplainable PHOBIAS , such as:

                                                                     TALASO Fear From The Sea

The symptoms of TALASO

remind with someone fearing a bad experience of drowning:




This might be an idea for a short story : a psychologist cures a Talaso patient X by explaining that he/she was a hero in a past life who rescued others sacrificing his/her life when a well known ship sank.  Somehow they could locate the event of the ship sinking and X was convinced - fear evaporated into feeling proud!

SOOO..... X is not only cured - but remembered that there was a treasure on that boat and they decide to hier a small submarine to explore the remaining of the sunk boat, and... having now good fortune X decided to study psychology collecting those evidences of You Tube videos above,

( which Darshams sent to Leila and Dorota)  - and established at the University a well received Theory of Continuity of Good&Bad.  Good referred to the positive examples, and Bad to the Talaso and other bizarre phobias

(some people fear feather of birds! Who can explain it?).  


The moral of this great story is that

as far as the past can influence the present time,

then the present time will influence the future,

because the present now is the past seen from the eyes of the future.