Extended Lecture by

L E I L A   Zabalawi

Physiotherapy  and  the Oneness of Body & Mind

Thank you for your attendance at today's presentation

of this important and interesting subject for many of us.

My involvement into this deep field of knowledge was triggered by a case of a patient I was helping few years ago in my practice at  Sopot Medical Center .  

The patient was a middle aged woman who  experienced extreme muscle tension, and I employed all known procedures to help her.  

But I realised that it was not the physical structure that is causing her disharmony. Physically she was fine.

Anyway, when I took the train back home,  I was viewing my Whatsup messages on my mobile and smiling at a message from my dad - saying that the Pumpkin Cup I like is tooo big for coffee -

and rather more suitable for vegi soup.  

He insisted that he cannot drink coffee from a Pumpkin Cup!

So I felt that was funny.

Then, I noticed that woman-patient I treated earlier was pushing her way to sit beside me in the train - asking me why I was smiling? She said: Is there anything in this terrible world that one may feel happy and smiling for!!

Anyway this led us to a chat about Pumpkin soup, vegetables, diet ....

Then I was so surprised when she got suddenly tense, red cheeks, sweating, and telling me:  I am confused.  I am confused because I feel part of me likes meat food but another part is vegetarian - in the same time!

This inner contradiction is causing me even physical tension, muscle irregularity and inner disharmony.

I told her that, apart from the usual sufferings between Birth and Death: (sickness and old age) which all people undergo,  there are 4 additional sufferings: 1/ To depart from someone you love, 2/ To live with someone you hate, 3/ Unfulfilled desires, and 4/ Inner disharmony.  

It was that Inner Disharmony

that was the cause of her physical tension- despite that she was dispononwana fizycznie, bez potrzeby do extensive therapy.  She needed some relaxing instructions - but the main cause was the effect of inner disharmony.

Is it possible to dissolve inner tension and attain perfect harmony?

This is the question.