Darshams (Safwan Zabalawi):

                                                  was born in a middle class family in Damascus/ Syria, 1947.  

At the age of 19 he received a scholarship to study electronics in Poland, and followed a Master of Science course in telecommunication, graduating from Gdansk Technical University (1973).  

After further engineering studies in The Netherlands (1978) he continued working in Syrian Telecommunication Establishment in Damascus as a network engineer.  

Darshams migrated to Australia (1983), and worked in Amalgamated Wireless Australasia in Sydney, then worked in the State Library of New South Wales in security and information units, until retirement in 2016.  

Meanwhile, he joined online courses in Philosophy of Mind (2010) and Philosophy of Religion, (2012), organised by Oxford University Department of Continuing Education,

and also a course on Science, Philosophy and Religion (2018) organised by The University of Edinburgh,

and has published in The Philosophical Society Review

the following articles:  

-  “Modern Eastern Philosophy and

    the Problem of Body & Mind ”  (2011),  

-  "The Cogito in Eastern Philosophy ”  (2012),  

-  “The Concept of Certainty ”  (2014),  

-  “What is Identity? ”  (2015),  

-  “pZombies meet the Terminator ” (2016),

-  “The Hard Problem ”  (2016).

- The Role of Philosophy in combating Extremism (2017)

- The Three Inherent Values (2018)

Darshams has been studying Eastern philosophy for over 33 years.